What is a Cardless Withdrawal service?

Cardless Withdrawal is a new service available on PB engage MY app that allows customer to initiate cash withdrawal from any ATM / CRM without a ATM Debit Card.

Who can use this service?

PB engage MY app user who owns Public Bank (PB) / Public Islamic Bank (PIB) Savings or Current Account.

How secured is this service?

The Cardless Withdrawal service is secured with Two-Factor Authentication and additional security measures as follows:

  • PB engage MY app login username and
  • PB SecureSign authentication.
  • 7 digits Transaction Code (T-Code) will be
    generated via PB engage MY app.
  • 6 digits Withdrawal Code (W-Code) will be
    generated via SMS.
  • Daily limit capping of RM1,000 per day,
    which is subset of daily third party fund
    transfer limit.
Is there any service charge?

This service is provided free of charge

What is ‘T-code’ and ‘Wcode’?

‘T-code’ is the 7 digit code generated via PB engage MY app.
‘W-code’ is the 6 digit code sent to customer/recipient via SMS.

How do I create ‘T-code’ and ‘W-code’ for the Cardless Withdrawal?
  • Login PB engage MY app with username and password and select ‘Cardless Withdrawal’ from side menu.
  • Select ‘ATM Withdrawal’ service icon
  • Select own or 3rd party withdrawal and amount up to RM500 in the multiple of RM100.
  • Upon successful transaction authentication, ‘T-code’ will be generated on PB engage MY app and ‘W-code’ will be sent to customer’s mobile number via SMS.

Note: For 3rd party withdrawal, you are required to forward the ‘T-code’ to the recipient. The ‘W-code’ will be sent to the recipient’s mobile number.

Can I use the codes for withdrawal the next day?

The ‘T-code’ and ‘W-code’ is valid for from the time it is generated until 23:59:59 PM on the same day

How to perform Cardless Withdrawal on ATM / CRM?
  • At ATM / CRM, select ‘Cardless Withdrawal’ option. 
  • Select to accept the Cardless Withdrawal ‘Terms & Conditions’
  • Insert the 7 digits ‘T-code’ and press Insert the 6 digits ‘W-code’ and press .

Result: Cash will be dispensed when both codes input are correct.

Can I withdraw from other banks' ATM / CRM?

No. All Cardless Withdrawal has to be performed at a Public Bank / Public Islamic Bank ATM / CRM.

What is the transaction limit for Cardless Withdrawal per day?

The transaction limit is restricted to a maximum of RM1,000 per day.

What should I do if I want to withdraw more than RM1,000?

You can only withdrawal up to a maximum of RM1,000 per day.

How many withdrawals I can make per day?

You can make multiple withdrawals with a daily withdrawal limit capping of RM1,000 per day.

How would I know if the transaction is completed?

You will receive a push notification transaction upon successfully withdrawal. The status of the transaction can be viewed under ‘Withdrawal History’ in the PB engage MY app.

If my card is lost or stolen, can I still get cash through the Cardless Withdrawal service?

Yes, you can still use the service. At the same time, please proceed to the nearest branch to report the lost / stolen card. You can also disable your lost / stolen card by using the 'Cancel Card' feature via PBe. 

What should I do if I want to cancel the Cardless Withdrawal request?

You can cancel the transaction if the status of the transaction initiated is under “Pending Withdrawal” in 3 steps:

  • Select ‘Cardless Withdrawal’ from side menu and select ‘Withdrawal History’ icon.
  • Select the pending transaction you wish to cancel.
  • Click on the ‘Bin’ icon to cancel the transaction.
I have performed a Cardless Withdrawal at ATM / CRM and the amount was deducted from my account, but no cash was dispensed at the ATM / CRM. What should I do?
  • Notify the bank staff of the branch immediately.
  • If during non-banking hours, you can make a report by contacting our One Stop Contact Centre at 03-2170 8000 (Option 3 > ATM, Debit Card & SST related matter) or email us at customerservice@publicbank.com.my with your transaction details (e.g. date, time and ATM / CRM location) for investigation.
I have noticed an unauthorised Cardless Withdrawal Transaction. What should I do?

Kindly notify the bank by contacting our One Stop Contact Centre at 03-2170 8000 (Option 2 > Online Banking related matter) or email us at pbesecure@publicbank.com.my

I can’t see the Cardless withdrawal option on my PB engage MY app.

Please update to the latest version of PB engage MY app.