Need cash but don't have your debit card with you?

With the cardless withdrawal feature on PB engage MY, you can now withdraw cash without a debit card from any Public Bank ATM near you. This new service allows you to send cash to family and friends too. Try it now!

Step by Step Guide


Login to PB engage MY app with username and password, select Cardless Withdrawal from the side menu


Select ATM Withdrawal Service icon


Select ‘Own Withdrawal’ or ‘Others’ for third party withdrawal


Select the amount you wish to withdraw in the multiple of RM100.00 up to RM500.00


Agree & Confirm with the Terms & Conditions


Authenticate the transaction using PB SecureSign (i.e. Face ID/Fingerprint or using 6 digits SecurePIN)


T-code is generated on PB engage MY app and W-code is sent via SMS
For 3rd party withdrawal, forward the ‘T-code’ to the recipient. W-code is sent via SMS to the recipient’s mobile number


Go to any Public Bank’s ATM/CRM, select ‘Cardless Withdrawal’


Select ‘Proceed’ to accept the Cardless Withdrawal Terms & Conditions


Key in the T-code


Followed by the W-code


Upon authentication of the code, the cash will be dispensed

Frequently Asked Question

What is a Cardless Withdrawal service?

Cardless Withdrawal is a new service available on PB engage MY app that allows customer to initiate cash withdrawal from any ATM / CRM without a ATM Debit Card.

Who can use this service?

PB engage MY app user who owns Public Bank (PB) / Public Islamic Bank (PIB) Savings or Current Account.

How secured is this service?

The Cardless Withdrawal service is secured with Two-Factor Authentication and additional security measures as follows:

  • PB engage MY app login username and
  • PB SecureSign authentication.
  • 7 digits Transaction Code (T-Code) will be
    generated via PB engage MY app.
  • 6 digits Withdrawal Code (W-Code) will be
    generated via SMS.
  • Daily limit capping of RM1,000 per day,
    which is subset of daily third party fund
    transfer limit.
Is there any service charge?

This service is provided free of charge.

What is ‘T-code’ and ‘Wcode’?

‘T-code’ is the 7 digit code generated via PB engage MY app.
‘W-code’ is the 6 digit code sent to customer/recipient via SMS.

Terms & Conditions