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Featured Savings Accounts

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PB MySalary Savings Account

Open and credit your monthly salary into your PB MySalary Savings Account to enjoy additional benefits.

PLUS Savings Account

An all-purpose savings account that is suitable for just about anybody.

Basic Savings Account

An ideal savings account to cater to your basic banking services.

50 PLUS Savings Account

An ideal account to save your retirement fund.

WISE Savings Account

A children’s savings account which aims to share the joy of savings with your young ones

Featured Current Accounts

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ACE Account

An account that offers the convenience of a checking account while letting you enjoy the attractive interest rates provided by a savings account.

ACE Enterprise Account

An interest bearing current account specially designed for business enterprises, corporations as well as associations which offers attractive interest rates.

Premier ACE Account

An account that offers interest on balances as provided by a savings account with the convenience of a cheque book facility exclusively catered for Red Carpet Banking (RCB) customers.

Featured Fixed Deposit Accounts

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PLUS Fixed Deposit Account

Offering attractive returns and a flexible tenure period, this is the safest investment option you can choose.

PB Golden 50 PLUS Fixed Deposit Account

A fixed deposit account curated to save your retirement funds.

PB eFixed Deposit Account

Watch your cash grow and earn competitive interest rates.

Foreign Currency Accounts

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PB Foreign Currency Current Account

Facilitates the making and receiving of payments in foreign currency with ease

PB Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit Account

Earns potentially higher returns on Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit
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