To Own PBB Accounts

Transfer Type Daily Limit
To own account Unlimited
To own PB card payment Unlimited
To own PB Loan / Financing payment Unlimited


To Third Party Accounts
This limit is shared among all transactions listed below.

Transfer Type Daily Limit
  • Other PB Account
  • Interbank GIRO (IBG)
  • DuitNow Transfer (Pay-to-Account)
  • DuitNow Transfer (Pay-to-Proxy)
  • DuitNow QR
  • Third Party PB Card Payment
  • Third Party PB Loan / Financing Payment
  • Foreign Telegraphic Transfer
  • DuitNow QR Cross Border
    • Maximum RM3,000.00 per transaction
    • Maximum RM10,000.00 per day 
  • PB Visa Direct
    • Minimum RM300.00 per transaction
    • Maximum RM8,000.00 per day
  • Western Union
    • Minimum RM300.00 per transaction
    • Maximum RM8,000.00 per day
  • Cardless Withdrawal
    • Minimum RM100.00 per transaction
    • Maximum RM500.00 per transaction
    • Maximum RM1,000.00 per day


Other Limit

Transfer Type Daily Limit

Bill Payment

(Including EPF, LHDN, Lembaga Tabung Haji, Zakat, Wakaf)

JomPAY RM100,000.00
FPX B2C / DuitNow Online Banking / Wallets RM100,000.00
Prepaid Top-up RM300.00


Combined third party daily transfer limit per customer is shared between all transactions to third party including post dated / reoccuring transactions (E-Standing Instructions) performed on the same day via all Public Bank’s internet & mobile banking platform, up to a maximum of RM50,000.