Having trouble accessing MyPB App / PB engage MY?

The app may not be accessible if we detect your mobile device security may be at risk. To ensure your mobile device is secured, you are recommended to update the security settings based on the following tips below.

For Android devices, you might have your USB debugging enabled.

  • Please ensure that the USB / wireless debugging function is toggled OFF. Click here to learn how to turn off USB / wireless debugging
  • Avoid running MyPB App / PB engage MY on emulators or virtual machines as they may expose your sensitive data to potential risks and compromises.

Quick tips on protecting your mobile devices from security risks

No Rooting

Refrain from rooting or jailbreaking your mobile devices as this could compromise its security features.

Install Security Software

Install anti-virus or anti-malware software.

Download from Trusted Source

Download apps from App Store / Google Play / Huawei AppGallery only.

Avoid Suspicious Link

Refrain from clicking hyperlinks from SMS messages, messaging apps or e-mails from unknown sources.

Manage App Permission

Control and manage application access and permissions.

Use Trusted Apps

Use only device keyboard and screen recorder apps from trusted sources as third party applications may track your mobile banking app usage.

Say no to APK files

Never install APK files obtained from unverified sources as they often contain malware.

Need help with securing your device?
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