What is Kill Switch

The Kill Switch enables you to disable all your PBe User ID, ATM/debit/credit cards, deposit account on a single access point, if you notice any unusual account activity or suspect your account has been compromised.

How to activate Kill Switch

There are 3 ways in which you can activate the kill switch:

What happens after I activated my Kill Switch?

Once the Kill Switch is activated, here’s what you can and cannot do:

PBe / PB engage / MyPB App User ID
  • Temporarily deactivate your PBe User ID.
  • Unable to log in to PBe, PB engage and MyPB App.
  • Your E-Standing Instructions will be rejected if your source account remains blocked on the scheduled execution date.
Visa (Credit/Debit Card) / Master (Credit/Debit Card)
  • Temporarily deactivate your Card.
  • Unable to perform transaction using your Card.
  • All your ZIIP/BT/Flexipay transaction, if any, will not be interrupted and will continue to charge on the effective date as usual.
  • All recurring/auto billing transactions will be discontinued.
ATM Card or PB Lifestyle Debit Card
  • Permanently cancel your ATM Card or PB Lifestyle Debit Card.
  • Unable to perform transaction using your Card.
  • Recurring/auto billing transactions will be discontinued.
Deposit Account
  • Unable to withdraw or transfer funds from all your deposit accounts via PBe / PB engage MY / MyPB App / ATM or Lifestyle Card / Credit or Debit Card / Over-The-Counter.
  • You still able to receive funds into your deposit accounts.



How to deactivate the Kill Switch?

You can contact the following:

Contact Contact No.
PBe Customer Support Helpdesk 03-2170 8000
Cyber Fraud Security 03-2177 3555
Credit / Debit Card Contact number at the back of your Credit/Debit card
ATM Card Visit any of the nearest PBB/PIBB branches to request a replacement ATM card.