Kickstart your cashless journey with DuitNow QR

DuitNow QR is an interoperable QR code standard that allows you to make payment or P2P fund transfer to anyone by scanning QR code.

Select ‘Scan’ on MyPB App or select ‘DuitNow QR’ on PB engage to activate the camera and scan to pay. Payment will be deducted directly from your bank account.



Get rid of the hassle of handling coins and troublesome loose change. Just scan the QR code to pay. It’s that easy!

No Cash? No worries!

Payment will be deducted directly from bank account. So even if you don’t have enough cash on you, you can make a purchase via DuitNow QR.

Secured Payments

DuitNow QR is completely secure. Your personal and financial details are well protected.


The interoperability of DuitNow QR lets you pay or transfer funds to any participating banks and eWallet operators (TNG eWallet, Boost, GrabPay).

How it works?

How to Pay?
How To Pay to Other Countries?
How to Receive Payments?
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DuitNow QR Safety Tips

Ensure your DuitNow QR experience is safe and secured by following these simple steps:

Check QR Code
Stay alert and make sure the QR code is from a trusted source and shows no signs of tampering before scanning.
Verify Payment Details
Always verify the payment details are correct before going through with a transaction.
Do not disclose Generated QR
When receiving money via DuitNow QR, don’t disclose the generated QR to anybody but your intended payer.

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