Want to further secure your debit and credit cards?

Enhance your card's security with 6-digit PIN. It's a convenient and secure step to take. Create your card PIN today.

About 6-digit PIN

Effective from 1 July 2017, purchases with credit, debit, charge and prepaid card at point of sale in Malaysia will be approved using 6-digit PIN instead of signature.

PIN & PAY is an industry-wide move to provide an extra layer of security as only you know your PIN.

More information on PIN & PAY is available at www.pinandpay.com.my

How to Create a PIN for Your New Card?

How to use your PIN card?

Step 1
Insert or tap your card at the terminal
Step 2
Securely key in your 6-digit PIN when prompted. No signature is required!

How to Create Your 6-digit PIN?

How to Create Your 6-digit PIN?

Collect your new card from your selected PB Branch. Check your mailbox for the letter indicating the branch location.
Retrieve your new card from your mailbox.

Create your PIN now via:

PBe Online Banking
Log on to www.pbebank.com
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Call the contact number printed on the reverse side of your new card
PB Branch
Walk into our branch in Malaysia. If you plan to obtain PIN via Public Bank / Public Islamic Bank branch, please bring along: 1. Your identification (for Malaysian) or passport (for foreigners) and 2. Your new PIN card for verification purpose

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