For processing, please remember to enclose:

Source of Income Minimum Supporting Documents Required
  • Latest Month Payslip and / or
  • Latest EA Statement and / or
  • EPF Statement and / or
  • Employment Letter / Employer Confirmation
  • Latest 1 year Tax Returns / Tax Receipts
  • Latest 6 months company CASA statement (for company directors)
Variable Income
  1. Latest 6 months of the following:
    • Overtime as reflected on the Payslips
    • Commissions Statements / Vouchers
    • Fee Statements / Vouchers
  2. Latest 3 years of the following:
    • Dividend Statements / Vouchers
    • Interest Statements / Vouchers
Other Income
  • Tenancy Agreements and/or
  • Pension Statements / Vouchers and/or
  • Annuities Statements  
Overseas Income
  • 3 Months Payslips
  • Latest 2 years Notice of Assessment / Form IR8A / Form IR8E (for Singapore only)
  • Salary Deposits Account (reflecting the latest minimum 3 months of salary crediting - for Brunei only)
  • Employment Letter

Any additional income documents may be required at the absolute discretion of the Bank.


  1. Kindly mail the signed PB Card Application and the supporting documents to PB Cards Services,
    10th Floor, Menara Public Bank,
    146 Jalan Ampang,
    P.O. Box 11722,
    50754 Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel. No. : 03-2170 8000
  2. Please note that documents are non-returnable.
  3. Minimum Income Requirement:
    Gold RM 24,000
    Quantum Visa / Mastercard RM 36,000
    Platinum-i RM 40,000
    Platinum RM 50,000
    Signature RM 80,000
    Visa Infinite / World Mastercard RM100,000
    Minimum Age Requirement: Principal 21, Supplementary 18  
  4. Public Bank Fixed Deposit (FD) / Public Islamic Bank Term Deposit-i (TD-i) customers who opt to apply for PB Credit Card / PIB Credit Card-i secured by FD / TD-i, will be subjected to the following conditions :
  • The credit line assigned will be based on the FD pledged amount at a ratio of 1:1;
  • FD / TD-i shall be maintained for as long as the credit card/-i facility is available;
  • FD / TD-i under promotional rates/campaign is not eligible to be used for pledging; and
  • Customer who pledge for conventional FD is eligible to apply for PB credit card only whereas customer who pledge for TD-i is eligible to apply for PIB credit card-i only.

To apply, please personally submit your application at your FD / TD-i account holding branch and bring along your FD / TD-i certificate for verification and copy of your NRIC (both sides).

Credit Line

For Cardmembers who earn RM36,000 per annum or less, the maximum credit limit extended shall two times of Cardmembers’ monthly income.

Where the Cardmember operates two or more cards with the Bank, a total Combined Credit Line will be extended to cover the use of all the cards held by the Principal Cardmember and the Supplementary Cardmember(s), if any. If preferred, the Supplementary Card may be nominated with a separate Credit Line from a minimum of RM1,000. Emergency temporary Credit line extension will depend on circumstance and payment record.