Revision of Promotional Rates for Campaigns

08 April 2024

Please be informed that the promotional interest / profit rates for the following Campaigns will be revised with effect from 8 April 2024:

No. Campaign Revised Terms & Conditions
1 PB Special Fixed Deposit Campaign Click here
2 PB RCB Special Fixed Deposit / Term Deposit-i Campaign Click here
3 PB eFD via FPX Campaign Click here
4 RCB Birthday Month Privileges Campaign Click here
5 50 Golden Journey Campaign Click here


Semakan Semula Kadar Promosi untuk Kempen

Dimaklumkan bahawa kadar faedah / keuntungan promosi untuk Kempen yang berikut akan disemak semula bermula pada 8 April 2024:

Bil. Kempen Terma dan Syarat yang disemak semula
1 Kempen PB Special Fixed Deposit Klik sini
2 Kempen PB RCB Special Fixed Deposit / Term Deposit-i Klik sini
3 Kempen PB eFD via FPX Klik sini
4 Kempen RCB Birthday Month Privileges Klik sini
5 Kempen 50 Golden Journey Klik sini