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"Phishing" E-mail.

There has been a recent report that a fraudulent e-mail is circulating, purportedly issued by a local Internet banking service. This e-mail provides a hyperlink which appears to link to the Internet banking service, but instead redirects customers to a fraudulent ("spoofed") website which has a login page which appears identical to the real website. In this way, customers who try to login would inadvertently reveal their User ID and password to the fraudster.

While this fraud attempt has not affected Public Bank's Internet banking service, we seek to inform our customers to exercise caution. Please note that we have a policy never to communicate security matters to customers via e-mail. You should never access the website via a hyperlink from an e-mail. Always enter the correct website address yourself, which is either or

Due to the recent widespread of computer virus/worm/trojan horse, customers should exercise greater care to prevent your computer from being infected by these computer viruses/worm/trojan horse as some of the trojan horse can capture your personal data such as user-id and password while others may prompt you to provide sensitive information such as credit card number and PIN. Please note that our Internet Banking services do not request customers to provide sensitive information about their credit cards; example, credit card expiry date, CVV2 number, ATM-PIN, etc.

We advise customers to also adopt prudent security practices. For Security Tips, please click here.

If you have any queries, please contact us at:

Customer Support Helpdesk - 603-2179 5000 or via e-mail -

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